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Artwork Terms and Conditions

* All artwork is copyrighted to © Gemma Roberts (2006-2013). Note that any characters that do not belong to me are given due credit

* If used elsewhere (with credit), artwork must not be manipulated or edited in any way without permission. If you would like to use my art as stock in a photo manipulation, please contact me first with details about how it will be used. Please note that I will not approve the use of my art for any adult/X-rated/illegal purposes and will take action for my art to be removed.

* My artwork may be used for personal use such as avatars, icons, signatures, videos, desktop/mobile/device wallpapers, layout designs and it may be saved to your computer for personal records/reference/viewing but you must contact me for permission if the artwork is uploaded online to the Internet or printed in any way so I may approve how it will be used and see that is is credited appropriately

* If you wish to share or link to my artwork, please me credit as: "Artwork © Gemma Roberts" or "Artwork © AmberDust" and link to my website: or my DeviantArt account:

* My artwork must not be used or sold in any way for commercial or financial benefit by anyone other than myself

Contact me at for more information.